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Normal+Heroic Imperator Mar'gok Raid Guide

I was searching around for other quality raid guide videos and found this one, which is very detailed. Since we are currently working on this guy I thought i'd share it. It does have some minor but maybe important variations on the strategy we are...
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Portour0116Member avatar small Portour 3y

WoD Gold Challenge Mode guides

A guy in reddit has posted video guides for all WoD gold modes: of interest, in the comments he gives his opinion of their rank from hardest to easiest:AuchindounIro...
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Richelieu039Member avatar small Richelieu 3y

Heroic Dark Animus

Here is a very long video but it does have a lot of information on this fight.
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Heroic Iron

we might want to take a look at these kill videos.... both tank and have the ranged/healers set up a little different.and it seems to make sense and work.we mi...
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Effendruid131Member avatar small Effendruid 4y

Heroic Ji'Kun

So I've been doing a little reading up on Heroic Ji'Kun and see a lot of people saying that they had problems getting him down until they switched to lusting and burning after the 8th or 9th nest. Some also suggest a two-heal strategy but that so...
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