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Hi folks, here is a list of mats and consumables that the guild will welcome donations of. We use these for raiding supplies. We use guild funds to keep a stock of most of these in Tab 1 of the guild bank, but donations are always welcome!

High priority items are listed in bold type.

Feasts and +100 stat Food
Place these in Tab 1 of guild bank.

-- Savage Feast -- 30-man +100 stat feast. These can only be made by players with a level 2 Barn. Used when a progression kill seems within reach.
-- +100 stat individual foods. These will be useful during this phase of the expansion while Savage Feasts are in short supply.
-- Feast of Blood -- 30-man +75 stat feast.

Note: we'll also be using a lot of Feast of the Waters (10-man +75 stat feast) early in the expansion, but they are selling on the AH for much less than the cost of their mats. So don't trouble yourself crafting these to donate. You'd be better off selling the mats and then buying the feasts to donate while pocketing the profit. :)

Place these in Tab 1 of guild bank.

-- +100 stat flasks. Used on progression content.
-- +75 stat flasks. Not a high priority, they are cheap on the AH, but welcomed as donations. We'll be using a lot of these early in the expansion.

Place these in Tab 1 of guild bank.

-- Agility, Intellect, Strength, Armor and Mana Potions. Used when a progression kill seems within reach. These are selling at a premium on the AH during this early phase of the expansion.

Alchemy/Cooking Materials
Place in Tab 2 of the guild bank. Officers will take them for crafting raid consumables as needed. Others can take for personal use as well, although for now we ask you don't take the mats listed in bold below.

-- Raw Boar Meat
-- Raw Talbuk Meat

-- Raw Elekk Meat
-- Raw Riverbeast Meat
-- Raw Clefthoof Meat
-- Rylak Egg
-- Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh
-- Blackwater Whiptail Flesh
-- Crescent Oil (made by alchemists from Crescent Saberfish)

A Note on Enchants and Jewels

Historically the guild has not provided enchants and jewels to raiders. Generally the low-end enchants and jewels are cheap and "adequate" for raiding if you are poor in gold. In contrast, providing high-end enchants/jewels to all raiders as they replace items would be a huge and unsustainable drain on guild funds. Of course, anyone is free to donate enchants and jewels if they want to. In the past some enchanters and jewelcrafters have enjoyed donating low-end jewels and enchants for general use, as they see fit (place in Tab 2), but it is not expected.

We don't know yet what rare mats in WoD will only be obtainable in raids or from DE'ing raid items. In past years selling those mats has been the main way we replenish guild funds. That will probably be even more true now with the disappearance of the "Cash Flow" guild perk (which automatically added to the guild bank a percentage of everyone's loot and quest gold). We'll see how it plays out.

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