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From Dec 2nd onward we will be implementing the EPGP loot system. EPGP stands for Effort Points/Gear Points. Effort Points (EP) quantify the effort each member put towards the, hopefully common, guild goals. Gear Points (GP) quantify what loot each member got back in return. Loot priority (PR) is computed as the quotient of the two: PR = EP/GP

First off, Fifteen minutes before raid starts, a decay of 7% occurs. Then an on-time bonus of 1400 EP is awarded to each member in the raid. In order to properly reward players for showing up on time I will be strict about this, any raider that logs on at or after 8:31 (Server Time, EasternStandardTime) will NOT be eligible for the-on-time bonus so please don't complain if you log on a minute late and don't receive the-on-time bonus. Also, I just want to make this clear: the reason for you being late does not matter. If you are late then you are late, all reasons for being late are legitimate (no one will ask you to justify why you are late) so regardless of the reason if you are late then you won't be eligible for the on-time-bonus. Just for further clarification I will be using the in game clock attached to the minimap for this purpose, if you log in and it says 8:30 (or any time before that, and you stay logged in until raid start) you get the on-time bonus, if you log in and it says 8:31 (or any time after that) you do not receive the on-time bonus. Invites will be started at 8:25, if you fail to accept an invite by 8:30 your on-time-bonus will be revoked, so just logging in on time is only half the battle, you will have to be at the keyboard and attentive come raid time as well. So, if you log on at 8:20, but for some reason do not accept any group invites by 8:30 you will not be eligible for the on-time-bonus. I know some people will not agree with this, but my reasoning behind it is even if you login on time what's the point if you're afk for raid start? You may as well have logged in late if you're going to do that. THE ON-TIME-BONUS WILL NOT BE APPLIED FOR THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF RAIDING AS LOGIN QUEUES WILL PROBABLY BE OUTRAGEOUS (THIS COULD POSSIBLY BE EXTENDED BASED ON LOGIN QUEUE TIMES THEREAFTER). INSTEAD, EVERYONE WHO IS PRESENT AT THE START OF RAID (WHENEVER THAT HAPPENS TO BE) FOR THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF RAIDING WILL BE AWARDED 1400 EP. Every fifteen minutes thereafter until the end of raid, 350 EP is awarded to anyone in the raid and on standby. Standbys are players that are asked to sit for the sake of a better composition or if we have more than enough people logged in to raid (will be applicable when Mythic raiding starts). Standbys must be logged in and ready to hop in if needed (meaning if you are in a dungeon or battleground or whatever you must be willing to drop that group immediately to join the raid group); if you are asked to sit and wish to log off then that is your choice but you won't earn any EP that way. Finally, at the end of raid, another 1,400 EP bonus is awarded; if you leave before the end of raid then obviously you don't receive that bonus. Once again, to be fair to everyone even if you have to leave 5 minutes before raid ends you won't receive the end-of-raid bonus. As long as we plan on making further attempts on a boss and you have to leave (or your leaving prevents us from being able to make further attempts on a boss) then you won't be eligible to receive the end-of-raid bonus. We have a hard stop time at 11:30 Server Time (might go over by a few minutes depending on when the last pull of the night happens). In very rare cases we might decide we want to go past 11:30 (say if we've been wiping on the same boss all night and we think we have the fight down and want to get in just one more attempt before we call it quits, or something like that) but only if it's a unanimous decision to keep going, if even one person does not want to continue then we will stop. So, a raider can gain a maximum of 7000 EP per raid. A player with perfect attendance across an infinite number of raids, would cap out at 100,000 EP — the point where a 7% decay equals the EP awarded for the evening (7% of 100,000 is 7,000, of course). Also, keep in mind, that decay affects GP as well.

Now, to explain GP in a nutshell. Let's say 3 people want the same piece of gear. The person with the highest PR (remember, PR = EP/GP) will get the piece of gear and they will have the GP for that item added to their GP total. Everyone has a base of 100 GP. Base GP adds a certain GP to each member of a guild. This means the final GP of each member is: GP = BaseGP + RealGP. All PR computations happen on GP not BaseGP or RealGP. Decay also applies to GP as a whole but it only diminishes RealGP. As such GP can never be lower than BaseGP. For example, say we have BaseGP = 100 and RealGP = 10. Applying a 10% decay will result in RealGP = 0 for a total of 100 GP. So 10% of 110 is 11, but since the person only has 10 real GP then the total only goes down to the base GP.

In the event of a PR tie loot distribution will be decided by a Loot Council. The Loot Council will consist of Reàganomics, Etcinit and Richelieu. Backups in the event that Loot Council members are absent are: Crateria, Poached, Kelthrayden, Sannyn, Antipathia and Twisted in that order (6 in case backups are absent as well). In the rare event that no Loot Council members or backups are present then ties will be settled by /roll. The Loot Council may decide to settle ties by /roll. The Loot Council will convene by switching to a different channel in vent and discussing. All PR ties will be moved to the bottom of the loot list in the order in which they are received.

The loot list will be decided by the order in which the loot appears on the boss that is defeated, from top to bottom.

Item levels for Tier 17 raid gear are as follows:
• LFR: 640
• Normal: 655
• Heroic: 670
• Mythic: 685

Calculation for GP for items is as follows: GP = 0.483 x 2 to the ((ilvl/85 + (rarity - 4))th power x slot mod *

Slot mod
2H Weapon = 2
1H Weapon = 1.5
Head, Chest, Legs, 2H weapon(if used in one hand) = 1
Shoulder, Hands, Waist, Feet, Trinket = 0.75
Wrist, Neck, Back, Finger, Off-hand, Shield = 0.5

Uncommon (Green) 2
Rare (Blue) 3
Epic (Purple) 4
Legendary (Orange) 5

We probably won't have to worry about rarity much, since everything will be epic, but just in case I decided to keep rarity in the formula and applicable.

Examples of GP worth for item slots:
A 2H weapon (with a modifier of x2) from Normal is worth: 202 GP
A 1H weapon (with a modifier of x1.5) from Normal is worth: 152 GP
A Head piece (with a modifier of x1) from Normal is worth: 101 GP
A Shoulder piece (with a modifier of x.75) from Normal is worth: 78 GP
A Wrist piece (with a modifier of x.5) from Normal is worth: 51 GP

EDIT: Disregard these GP numbers, we could use our own custom system of GP but the addon has it's own GP calculations for items, so for the sake of simplicity we'll be using the numbers provided by the addon for GP.

We'll be starting on normal so be ready for the encounters, please have done some kind of research, preferably you will have watched at least the first few bosses from the Fatboss video guides, but if nothing else please look over the first few bosses on Icyveins or something.

For any additional information , or if you are just plain confused you can refer to this website which is where I got all of my information.

You can get the EPGP addon here:

If you have any Suggestions or you see that I made a mistake or that I missed something somewhere please don't hesitate to let me know. For you new people I am Reàganomics in game (à = alt + 0224) even though on the guild website I will be Zàlbàg.

* I tweaked the formula a bit because the numbers were way too high with the original formula and current ilvls. ilvl/26 became ilvl/85. Also note that the forum is unable to reflect that the part of the formula ((ilvl/85 + (rarity - 4)) is supposed to be an exponent. to view the formula in it's original text go here:
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Good stuff!
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TLDR summary for those who want one:

1. The new loot system. For loot distribution we'll be using the EPGP addon to compute everyone's loot priority. (Linked at bottom of Zal's post). What it accomplishes is simple. Your loot priority goes up with on-time, consistent participation and availability for raids. Your loot priority goes down when you receive loot, or are missing/late for a raid.

The formula used by the addon is a bit complicated, but it's all tracked by the addon. The addon is "transparent" -- it shows you everyone's loot priority rating and why they are at that rating.

2. Be on time to get maximum loot credit. Under the EPGP system, to get maximum loot credit you must be on time for raids. During the first two weeks of raiding--when we expect evening server queues--"on time" means being there when the raid actually gets started. After the first two weeks, "on time" means logged on and ready at 8:30 server time, not 8:31. No exceptions.

3. Standbys get full participation credit. Persons asked to stand by during a raid will receive full participation credit so long as (i) they stay logged in and (ii) are promptly available if requested to jump into the raid.

Does that fairly summarize the high points Zal? I really like the system.
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Indeed, Rich. That covers most of what of our raiders will need to know, thank you.
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