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Long time and new recruits, I’d like to take a moment to discuss our goals for raiding into Warlords of Draenor. Monolith has a rich history of raiding on Area 52 and we’d like to return to our previous level of raiding performance. WoD brings a lot of opportunities if we approach PVE raiding the correct way, especially with the changes to raiding structure. With that in mind, I’d like to propose a few of our past raiding ideals for consideration.


Officers may have dual roles in the raid group but in the role of raiding, they are meant to be the facilitators of the raid group. Officers will coordinate guild supplies (flask, food, etc…), purchasing items to assist with progression (ex. crafted gear in place of an elusive drop), and disputes between guild/raid members. Ideally all members of the guild will be mature individuals so we won’t need to mediate between players.

Raid Lead:

The role of raid lead is to assist the raid in progressing through raid content. They are the ultimate decision maker on strategies when multiple options are available. The raid lead should be aware raid cooldowns from classes, but they are not expected to be the expert of each class/role.

Role Lead (DPS, Tank, Heal):

With the larger raid size, I’d like to have implement role leads. The lead for each role will provide a buffer between the large group of raiders and the raid lead. Communication for each role will be focused through the role lead and the role lead will coordinate with the raid lead. The exception may be tanks if we find that raids for WoD are primarily 2 tanked, in which case the tanks will likely have an elevated interaction with the raid lead normally. The role leads will have intimate insight into the abilities of the raiders that make up that role.

During raid encounters, raid leads will be expected to assist the raid lead in preparation of cool downs as applicable. Raid leads will also be expected to privately communicate with individual raiders that they feel are struggling with their performance. I emphasize “privately” here since our goal is to improve as a collective set of raiders. Calling someone out tends to put people on the defensive and I’d like to focus on positive improvements before resorting to harsher alternatives.

Individual raiders:

Individual raiders will be expected to understand their class/role in order to maximize contribution to the raid. Raiders are expected to research fights (watch video, read strategy guides). Members that repeatedly attend raids unprepared may be replaced with someone that is willing to spend the 10-30 minutes of preparation time for new content. Raiders are also expected to perform class/role research in order to maximize their performance in the raid groups. Many guides are available to assist with this sort of research. Communicating with other high performing raiders on the realm is encouraged as well.

Collective officers, raid lead, role lead(s), individual raider:

If an individual (including officers, raid lead, role lead, and individual raiders) is found to be holding back the progression of the raid, these individuals will discuss options to allow the guild to continue progressing. We have recruited people with the hopes that everyone will get along, have fun, and achieve digital glory. In some cases, it may be necessary to have an individual sit from a raid until they are able to work out performance issues. The collective group will try to assist, but ultimately the individual is responsible for making improvements.

Anyone wishing to take on a raid role, please speak with one of the officers. We would also appreciate any assistance that folks can do to help with recruitment. We all enjoy the game more when the workload is spread evenly.

Thanks for everyone who has helped us progress to where we are in MoP.
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