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Welcome to Monolith!
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Most of us are working professionals or college students so we value working hard during our raid schedule, while appreciating that folks have a life outside the game. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM.

GM: Bebop
Officers: Etcinit/Grassmunch, Richelieu, Reàganomics/Zàlbàg, Twotears
Recruitment Officer: Twistéd

As of January 28, 2015 our recruitment needs are:

High Priority:
- Monk (Tank with dps offspec)
- Rogue
- Death Knight (DPS w/ tank OS)
- Shaman (resto w/ elemental OS)

Medium Priority:
- Resto Druid
- Priest (holy / shadow)

Low Priority:
- Other classes/roles

(Full on hunters at this time)

If you have a character class that isn't listed above, please chat with one of the officers and we can discuss raiding options as recruitment needs are likely to be very volatile during the early part of the expansion.

We expect that our core raiders will have the following characteristics:
- On time and prepared for raids. By "prepared" we mean that players have researched their class/role to provide the best support to the raid group. We also expect that raiders will be familiar with the upcoming encounters for the guild. Plenty of resource guides are available by the leading edge progression guilds so we shouldn't be entering content without a decent understanding of the encounter mechanics.
- Mature. We don't have a minimum age level but do expect individuals to act responsibly, both in the guild and as representatives of the guild in PUG raids and trade chat.

Feel free to ask any member online for additional information.