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Hunters Lounge

About Time!

Love the idea. Hope we have something to talk about.
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Adventures with my PVPness

Random BG - Hunter - 680 iLvL MM BG - Hunter - 681 iLvL SV BG - Druid - 680 iLvL
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Normal+Heroic Imperator Mar'gok Raid Guide

I was searching around for other quality raid guide videos and found this one, which is very detailed. Since we are currently working on this guy I thought i'd share it. It does have some minor but maybe important variations on the strategy we are...
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General Discussion


Probably my most favorite carbot animation thus far.
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Mats and Consumables that the Guild Wants

Hi folks, here is a list of mats and consumables that the guild will welcome donations of. We use these for raiding supplies. We use guild funds to keep a stock of most of these in Tab 1 of the guild bank, but donations are always welcome!High p...
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WoD Gold Challenge Mode guides

A guy in reddit has posted video guides for all WoD gold modes: of interest, in the comments he gives his opinion of their rank from hardest to easiest:AuchindounIro...
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General Discussion

Guild Bank Info

The guild bank recently went through a major overhaul. Thanks for that Rich! So, just in case anyone missed it when it was the guild message here's what goes in which tabs. Tab 1: Raid supplies. 2: Donate WoD stuff here. 3-4: Old mats/food. 5-...
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General Discussion

New EPGP Loot system

From Dec 2nd onward we will be implementing the EPGP loot system. EPGP stands for Effort Points/Gear Points. Effort Points (EP) quantify the effort each member put towards the, hopefully common, guild goals. Gear Points (GP) quantify what loot ea...
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General Discussion

"Gearing Up the First Few Weeks of WoD"

An excellent, concise guide to all the available ways of acquiring 640-665 gear before raids open. This is from a priest website but its information applies for all classes.
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General Discussion

Garrisons Guide

As we seem to have some time while Blizz figures out some details...wink wink.... Here is a pretty decent guide I found on garrisons to help you figure out what to do.
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Mythic Garrosh Malice Weakaura

click here for the malice weakaura code
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General Discussion

Toy Box bug

In the extreme off-chance that anyone's looking at this forum during patch day, you may or may not have run into a crash while inspecting items in your Toy Box. This is a known bug that they're trying to fix, but to stop it from happening to you, ...
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General Discussion

6.0.2 launches 10/14

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General Discussion

Challenge Modez

So, I believe they are getting rid of challenge modes (or at least the current system, not sure if they have anything planned to replace it or a new system in the works) when 6.0 comes out. I know there are many of us who would like to get the ac...
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General Discussion

Raiding roles defined

Long time and new recruits, I’d like to take a moment to discuss our goals for raiding into Warlords of Draenor. Monolith has a rich history of raiding on Area 52 and we’d like to return to our previous level of raiding performance. WoD brings a l...
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Looks like Titan has been cancelled
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Heroic Dark Animus

Here is a very long video but it does have a lot of information on this fight.
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General Discussion

Warlords Cinematic and Release

So Warlords isn't coming out till November 13th. UGH for 13th cause my disappointment caused me to type the wrong date.
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General Discussion

WoD beta!

WoD beta invites are going out. Anybody get an invite for it yet? If so, I'll playing it this weekend. I just need to download the client when I get home this weekend.
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General Discussion

UI Screenshots (post them here)

Here's my current UIIn a raid groupOut of raid and no targetHere's what it used to look like, when I was alliance, way back at level 70 in Karazhan when it was current content. Look at that 1k dps and like 300 dps above everyone else.
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